Whiskey & Spirits


Kinsey American 15 yr.  28
Amber, floral, semi-sweet vanilla, honeycomb, caramel corn, spice

New Liberty American Single Malt  15
Chestnut, caramelized nuts, toasted bread, dark chocolate

Levant Heights Lebanese Espresso Roast Dark Malt  13
Amber, vanilla, condensed milk, maple syrup, molasses, toffee


Very Olde St. Nick 8 yr. Rye  30
Amber, pine, hay, dried herbs, butterscotch, cherry, smooth

George Dickel Rye  15
Copper, citrus, spice, caramel, honey, gentle burn

New Liberty Millstone Rye 15
Copper, malted rye, new charred oak, honey, orange, spice

Whistle Pig PiggyBack 6 yr.  17
Chestnut, cinnamon, black peppercorn, citrus zest, cardamom, cured leather

Journeyman Last Feather Rye 15
Copper, spicy oak, leather, vanilla, cinnamon, creamy, warming

Kinsey 4 yr. Bottled in Bond  16
Amber, toasted oak, baking spice, honey, earth, full body

Thistle Finch Straight Rye  14
Amber, vanilla, aged wood, peppery finish

High West Double Rye  12
Amber, mint, clove, allspice, dark chocolate, wild flower honey

Barrell Seagrass Rye  18
Tawny, bright fruit, melon, apricot, tarragon, sea salt, cinnamon

Tomahawk Maple Rye 12
Amber, canadian rye, real maple syrup, sweet and full bodied


Wilderness Trail Wheated Bottled in Bond  14
Caramel, butterscotch, allspice, char, black pepper, stewed apple

2BAR Amaretto Finished Bourbon  16
Mahogany, hazelnut, butterscotch, vanilla, chocolate

Journeyman Featherbone Bourbon   15
Chestnut, citrus, cracked pepper, cherry tobacco, vanilla cream

Widow Jane 10 yr.  17
Toffee, cherry wood, burnt orange & spice

New Liberty Bloody Butcher  15
Amber, milk chocolate, butter, leather, stone fruit, dry spice

Wyoming Whiskey Double Cask Bourbon  17
Copper, caramel, sherry, dark fruit, leather, walnut, baking spice

FEW Bourbon  15
Caramel, cherries, vanilla, bitter, tannic, slight spice

Penelope Barrel Strength 4 Grain 16
Amber, sweet caramel, maple syrup, brown sugar, barrel char, cinnamon

Buffalo Trace  16
Amber, vanilla, mint, molasses, brown sugar, spice, dark fruit

Blanton’s  20
Mahogany, nutmeg, spice, vanilla, honey, caramel corn

Tequila, Mezcal, & Rum

Corralejo 99000 Horas Añejo Tequila  12
Light gold, cooked agave, butterscotch, vanilla, cinnamon

Xicala Mezcal  12
Clear, subtle smoke, vanilla, green fruit, earthiness

Tanduay Double Rum  12
Bold amber, pineapple, mango, citrus, molasses, brown sugar

Amaro & Bitters

Contratto Liqueur Fernet  10
Black, licorice, anise, saffron, fennel, ginger, nutmeg, clove

Luigi Francoli Fernet  10
Black, bitter, italian alpine herbs, white turmeric, saffron, orange

Fernet-Branca  10
Black, bitter orange peel, aloe, cardamom, saffron, chamomile

Amaro Montenegro  10
Mahogany, clove, nutmeg, dried orange, coriander, cinnamon

Santa Maria del Monte Amaro  10
Mahogany, pine, spearmint, oranges, cedar, bittersweet

Vecchio Amaro del Capo  10
Deep gold, maple, sweet orange, mandarine, chamomile, juniper

Badel Lavov Bitter  10
Black, yellow gentian, sage, herbal & aromatic, bitter finish

Underberg  5
Herbal digestif bitter, A blend of aromatic herbs



Wemyss ‘The Hive’ 15
Golden, rounded smoothness, honey sweetness, citrus, floral

Wemyss ‘Spice King’ 15
Yellow gold, complex spice, subtle smoke, oily body, rich fruit

Wemyss ‘Peat Chimney’ 15
Golden, mellow balance, sweet peat smoke, salinity, citrus


Talisker 10 yr.  19
Brilliant Golden, peat & smoke, white pepper, peppery finish

Jura 10 yr.  16
Golden, resin, oil, cereal grain, pine, salinity, wisp of smoke


GlenDronach 12 yr.  16
Amber-red, creamy vanilla, ginger, mulled wine spice, pear

The Dalmore 12 yr.  19
Amber, citrus, chocolate, aromatic spices, orange, vanilla, cocoa


Laphroaig 10 yr.  15
Golden, elegant & complex, woody, smooth peaty finish

Laphroaig Quarter Cask 17
Golden, peat, coconut, banana, smoke & spice, subtle sweetness

Bruichladdich Port Charlotte PC10 Heavy Peated  18
Golden, smoke, earth, ash, coconut, vanilla custard, ginger, clove


Glen Moray 12 Yr.  12
Pale gold, fruity, floral, soft malt, round body, toffee, dried apricot

Glen Moray 15 Yr.  17
Copper, sherried oak, butter toffee, dark chocolate, dried fruit

Glen Moray 18 Yr.  25
Golden, toasted oak, caramelized fruit, baked apple, vanilla, raisin


Sunday’s Whisky  14
Pale gold, snap pea, apple cider donut, cocoa, mint, yuzu

Suntory Toki  12
Clear gold, green apple, grapefruit, sweet & spicy, hint of vanilla

Hatozaki Small Batch  16
Pale yellow, soft fruit, pepper, melon, apricot, lemon zest

Ohishi 10 yr.  18
Gold, floral, oak, sweet fruit, green apple, pear, brandy, rice


Drumshanbo Single Pot Still  16
caramel, irish oats, oloroso cask, subtle spice, smooth & creamy

Tyrconnel Single Malt  15
Golden, roasted nuts, nougat, mild oak, rich texture

Writer’s Tears Copper Pot 12
Copper, apple, vanilla, ginger, spiced fruit, dark chocolate

Gortinore Natterjack 12
Golden, vanilla, apple, cinnamon, orange zest, cedar


Winter Punch – mezcal, tequila, cranberry, amaro, lime, ginger beer  16
The Nektarine – rum, underberg, orgeat, Ironbound fortified cider, orange, lemon  16
Ginger Pear Mule – ginger & pear infused gin, lime, ginger beer 16

Ginger Pear Negroni – ginger & pear infused gin, Ironbound fortified cider, orange zest 16

Stateside Pineapple Vodka Infusion  12
Irish Coffee  10

Mocktails – Negroni, Spritz, Manhattan, Old fashioned  12

City Wide – Kenwood Lager & Shot of Fernet Branca  10

Manhattan – Choice of Whiskey  +3
Old Fashioned – Choice of Whiskey  +2
Boulevardier – Choice of Whiskey  +3


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Wine Spectator 2019 and 2020 Awards of Excellence
Wine Spectator 2019 and 2020 Awards of Excellence
The Clinton House Logo

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