Workhorse Golden Lager 5%, Helles Lager, PA  8
Golden straw, sweet corn, honey biscuit, subtle hops, light

Free Will A Place of Raspberries 5.7%, Fruited Sour Ale, PA 8
Session sour, raspberries, light bodied, appropriate tartness

Aldus Pretzel Wheat 6.3%, Wheat Ale, PA 8
Dark amber, pretzel, salt, caramel, crisp and savory

Free Will Fool’s Progress 4.9%, Farmhouse Ale, PA 8
Hazy yellow, cantaloupe, juicy fruit, clove, coriander, pepper

Ironbound Black Tea & Lemon 5.7%, Hard Cider, NJ (GF) 8
Pale gold, fresh pressed bittersweet & sweet apples, balanced

Vault Public Offering 6.5%, New England IPA, PA  8
Dark amber, pine resin, grapefruit, citrus, peach, hoppy

Philadelphia Mead Company Blueberry Hibiscus 13% (6oz pour), Mead, PA (GF)  9
Fresh blueberries, hibiscus flowers, wildflower honey wine

Penn Brewing Dark 5.0%, Dark Lager, PA 8
Mahogany, sweet caramel malt, nutty, toffee, clean & smooth

Seasonal Limited Bottle Selection

Ferme De Romilly Cidre De Normandie Extra Brut, Normandy, France 2016 (25oz)  30
Heritage apples, champagne yeast, earthy & layered, dry

Ferme De Romilly Cidre De Normandie Doux, Normandy, France 2016 (25oz)  30
Heritage apples, champagne yeast, earthy & layered, sweet

Redstone Meadery Blood Orange Nectar 8%, Mead, Colorado (25oz)  30
Carbonated honey wine with blood orange juice

3 Fonteinen Kriek 8.3%, Lambic, Belgium (25oz)  50
Maceration of grapes and cherries on a lambic beer

Cider, Sours & Fruit Beers

Ironbound Raspberry Lemon Hard Seltzer 5%, NJ  7
Ruby, raspberry, applejack, grapefruit peel, lime

Stateside Vodka Soda / Tea 4.5%, Hard Seltzer / Tea, PA 7
Rotating flavors (GF)

Hale & True Bee Sting Cider 6.9%, Cider, PA  8
Pale gold, local honey, ginger root, balanced & dry (GF)

Bad Seed Dry Cider 6.9%, Cider, NY  7
Straw, fresh pressed apples, wine yeast, crisp & dry (GF)

Shacksbury Blackberry Lime 5.5%, Cider, VT 7
Pink-purple, blackberry, lime, mint, semi-sweet (GF)

Groenfell Meadery Chaos Cyser 6.1% (16oz), Mead, VT  9
Pale yellow, apple, cinnamon, vanilla, delicate spice (GF)

Wild Air Beautiful Little Fool 5.7% (16oz), Kettle Sour, NJ  8
Light gold, fresh mango, ripe tropical fruit, slightly tart

Axe & Arrow Sour To The People 7.5% (16oz), Sour Ale, NJ  8
Hazy pale gold, strawberry, papaya, juicy & tart

Samuel Smith’s Organic Apricot Ale 5.1%, Fruit Beer, UK  9
Gold-yellow, apricot puree, subtle sweetness, malty backbone

Volfas-Engelman Kriek 4% (19oz), Fruit Beer, Lithuania 9
Mahogany, cherry, tart & sweet, rich & smooth

Hokkaido Melon Ale 5%, Fruit Beer, Japan 14
Hazy orange-amber, cantaloupe, baked bread, refreshing & bright


Ales, Lagers, Stouts & Porters

Kenwood Original 4.1%, American Light Lager, PA  6
Pale straw, light body, clean & crisp, refreshing

Forst Premium Lager 4.8%, Euro Lager, Italy 7
Pale straw, lightly floral, grain, lemon, refreshing & crisp

Henniker Kölsch 4.6% (16oz), Kölsch, NH  8
Pale straw, biscuit, crisp, clean & refreshing

Workhorse Czech’d Out 5.4% (16oz), Czech Pilsner, PA  8
Gold, floral, herbal, hint of spice, slight bitterness, crisp

Free Will Mango Wheat 5% (16oz), Wheat Beer, PA 8
Yellow, fresh mango, bready malts, crisp & refreshing

Medvedgrad Zlatni Medvjed 4.4% (16.9oz), Czech Lager, Croatia  8.5
Hazy gold, floral, grassy, citrus, unfiltered, light & refreshing

Lone Eagle Maiden Flight 8% (16oz), DDH West Coast IPA, NJ  8
Golden orange, pine resin, tropical fruit, peppery, bitter finish

Workhorse New England IPA 7.1%, Hazy IPA, PA  8
Pale orange, citrus, stone fruit, mango, peach, creamy, hoppy

St. Boniface 3LB 6.7%, IPA, PA  7
Hazy orange, orange marmalade, tangerine, pine resin, spruce

Axe & Arrow Choco-bomb 8% (16oz), Chocolate Stout, NJ 8
Dark brown, chocolate, toasty malts, sweet, full and rich

Molly Pitcher Peanut Butter Porter 5% (16oz), Porter, PA 8
Dark brown, toasty malts, peanut butter, chocolate, rich body

Spellbound Porter 6.9%, American Porter, NJ  7
Dark brown, roasty malts, dark chocolate sweetness, coffee bitterness

Moreland “Old Speckled Hen” 4.8% (14.9oz), English Pale Ale, England  8
Amber, nutty malls, creamy, caramel, fruity aroma, nitro can

Het Nest Jack of Spades 8%, Belgian Tripel, Belgium 10
Dark orange, Belgian yeast, preserved lemon, coriander, complex

Het Nest Ten of Clubs 10%, Belgian Dark Ale, Belgium  12
Dark brown, dark fruit, caramel, licorice, heavy malt

Non-Alcoholic Beer

Gruvi Low Alcohol Craft Beer (0.5%)  6
Nitro Mocha Stout, Golden Ale, Hazy IPA

Sober Carpenter Low Alcohol Craft Beer (0.5%)  6
Irish Red Ale, Witbier, Raspberry Sour

Force Majeure Low Alcohol Belgian Triple (0.5%)  6

Staropolskie Kultowe Non-Alcohol Polish Pilsner (0.0%)  6


Boylan’s Cane Sugar Sodas 5
Cola, Diet Cola, Ginger Ale, Black Cherry, Creme, Root Beer

Liquid Death Sparkling Water 6

Solan De Cabras Natural Spring Water (500ML) 4

Solan De Cabras Sparkling Water (750ML) 8

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Wine Spectator 2019 and 2020 Awards of Excellence
Wine Spectator 2019 and 2020 Awards of Excellence
The Clinton House Logo

2 West Main Street
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